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25 cents for 25 features, MCU manufacturers are now fighting hard

Texas Instruments (TI) recently released an ultra-low power MSP430 microcontroller for sensor applications, which can help deploy simple sensor solutions through a variety of integrated hybrid signal functions. To extend the capabilities of these low-cost MCUs, TI has created a code sample library for 25 common system-level functions, including timers, input/output (I/O) extenders, system reset controllers, erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM), and so on.


Diao Yong, Business Development Manager of TI China MSP microcontroller, said that 25 functions are divided into four common functional categories in standard circuits: system management, pulse width modulation, timer and communication. When using MSP430FR2000 devices, most code samples are available for memory less than 0.5KB, with the lowest-cost MSP430 MCUs selling for as little as 29 cents per 1000 units and more as little as 25 cents. The following figure describes some discrete functional integrated circuits, such as external monitors or real-time clock integrated circuits, which can be replaced by corresponding functions in 25 functions. If you use multiple integrated circuits or functions (such as timers or PWM) as shown, you can even combine multiple functions to meet related application requirements, thereby reducing workload and circuit board space.

Twenty-five common system-level functions are integrated into a single chip

The common core architecture, tools and software ecosystem, as well as extensive documentation, including migration guides, make it easy for developers to select the appropriate MSP430 Overvalue Sensing Series MCU for each design. Designers can extend from 0.5 KB MSP430FR2000 MCU to the MSP430 Sensing and Measuring MCU product line to meet applications that require up to 256 KB of memory, higher performance, or more analog peripherals.

Redefine MCU development with 100% code reuse

SimpleLink MSP432 Ethernet MCU is also released with MSP430. By integrating the 120MHz Arm Cortex-M4F core, Ethernet MAC and PHY, USB, Controller Area Network (CAN), and encryption accelerators, developers can reduce design time, simplify circuit board layout, easily connect sensors from gateway to cloud, and help reduce time-to-market for grid infrastructure and industrial automation gateway applications.

TI launched a new SimpleLink microcontroller platform in March this year, accelerating product expansion by integrating a robust and durable set of interconnected hardware product libraries, unified software solutions, and immersive resources in the same development environment. That is, with the software development kit (SDK) provided by TI, as long as the underlying API of standardized functionality is standardized, the product can be easily ported. Obviously, the newly launched SimpleLink MSP432 Ethernet MCU extends the platform.

Based on the shared foundation of generic drivers, frameworks and databases, the new software development suite of the SimpleLink MCU platform achieves scalability products with 100% code reuse. Each component in the combination integrates a number of features, such as acquiring and processing high-precision analog signals, enhancing the system with higher security, and enhancing remote communications. Or extend the battery life for several years in sensor nodes powered by a single button battery. These devices are divided into three categories: MSP432 host microcontroller, wireless microcontroller and wireless network processor.

SimpleLink microcontroller supported by the same software platform

With the SimpleLink wireless MCU, designers can connect up to 50 security sensor nodes to the gateway to create a wireless sensor network. The SimpleLink Ethernet MSP432E4 MCU-based gateway acts as a central management console to process and summarize data and deliver it to the cloud over Ethernet for additional data analysis, visualization and storage. Companies that develop such gateways can work with existing wired devices when adding the latest wireless connection technologies.

For example, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems can use other SimpleLink MCUs (such as Sub-1GHz CC1310 Wireless MCU and MSP432P4 Host MCU) to build air quality sensors and wired valve networks to connect to an Ethernet HVAC system controller before connecting to the cloud. Thereafter, users can monitor and manage their energy consumption
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Post time: May-21-2022