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GigaDevic cortex-m4 MCU adds gd32f403 series

Recently, GigaDevice, a leading semiconductor supplier in the industry, launched a new gd32f403 Series High-Performance basic microcontroller based on 168mhz cortex-m4 core, which provides a cost-effective entry-level choice for advanced computing requirements with balanced system resources and peripheral configuration. As the latest member of gd32 microcontroller family, gd32f403 series provides 20 product models, including four package types including lqfp144, lqfp100, lqfp64 and bga100. Thus, it can easily meet the challenges of rapidly developing intelligent applications with excellent design flexibility and compatibility. At present, the series of products have begun to provide samples, and will be officially put into mass production and full supply in March.


GD32F403 series new products adopt a new process design, with the maximum dominant frequency of the processor up to 168mhz, and integrate a complete DSP instruction set, parallel computing power and special floating-point operation unit (FPU). It is equipped with 256Kb to 3072kb large capacity flash and 64KB to 128KB SRAM. The kernel accesses flash memory with high speed and zero wait, and the working performance under the highest dominant frequency can reach 210dmips and coremark ® The test can reach 565 points. Compared with the code execution efficiency under the main frequency, the similar cortex-m4 products in the market have increased by 10% - 20%, and have comprehensively surpassed cortex ®- M3 products, performance improvement of more than 40%.

GD32F403 series chip is equipped with two 16 bit advanced timers supporting three-phase PWM complementary output and hall acquisition interface, which can be used for vector control. It also has up to eight 16 bit general timers, two 16 bit basic timers and two multi-channel DMA controllers. Considering the requirements of advanced applications, a variety of peripheral resources are integrated in a balanced and practical manner. Including up to 3 USARTs, 2 UARTS, 3 SPIs, 2 I2C, 2 I2S and 2 can2 0b, 1 SDIO, 1 built-in USB 2.0 OTG FS interface, which can provide multiple transmission modes such as device, host and OTG, and has an independent 48mhz oscillator to support crystal less design. The chip is equipped with three 12 bit High-Speed ADCs with sampling rate up to 2.6msps, provides up to 21 reusable channels, adds 16 bit hardware oversampling filtering function and resolution configurable function, and also has two 12 bit DACs. Up to 80% of GPIO has a variety of optional functions and supports port remapping. It has excellent flexibility and ease of use to meet a variety of application requirements.

The chip adopts 2.6v-3.6v power supply, and the I / O port can withstand 5V level. The newly designed voltage domain supports advanced power management and provides three power saving modes. The maximum working current of all peripherals in full speed operation mode is only 380 µ A / MHz, and the standby current when powered by battery is less than 1 µ a, which ensures high performance and achieves the best energy consumption ratio. It also has 6kV electrostatic protection (ESD) and excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) capabilities, all in line with industrial high reliability and temperature standards.

Jin Guangyi, senior product marketing manager of Zhaoyi innovation, said, "Gd32f403 series general-purpose MCU integrates powerful processing efficiency and balanced peripheral resources, so as to help the basic design and implementation of advanced computing applications with lower power consumption efficiency and higher cost performance. We will not only further improve the high-performance product line, but also continue to expand and enrich the selection range of cortex-m4 core MCU, so that developers can build the future with easy-to-use mainstream and value-added experience."

GigaDevice is also equipped with a complete and rich firmware library for the new product series, and the gd32 development ecosystem, including a variety of development boards and application software, is also ready. The new development tools include gd32403z-eval, gd32403v-start and gd32403r-start, which correspond to three learning kits with different packages and pins, which is convenient for users to develop and debug. It also provides a debugging and mass production tool GD link that supports the three in one functions of online simulation, online burning and offline burning. Thanks to the extensive arm ecosystem, more development software and third-party burning tools such as keil MDK and crossworks have also been fully supported. These have greatly simplified the difficulty of project development and effectively accelerated the product launch cycle.

GD32F4 series cortex-m4 product line overview

GD32F450 series high performance enhanced cortex ®- M4 MCU (11 models)

200MHz MCU+FPU, Flash 512-3072KB, SRAM 256-512KB,

17 x Timer, 8 x UART, 6 x SPI, 3 x I2C, 2 x CAN, USB OTG HS/FS,

I2S, SDIO, Camera, SDRAM, Ethernet, LCD-TFT, IPA, 3 x ADC, 2 x DAC

GD32F407 series high performance interconnected cortex-m4 MCU (15 models)

168MHz MCU+FPU, Flash 512-3072KB, SRAM 192KB,

17 x Timer, 6 x UART, 3 x SPI, 3 x I2C, 2 x CAN, USB OTG HS/FS,

I2S, SDIO, Camera, SDRAM, Ethernet, 3 x ADC, 2 x DAC

GD32F405 series high performance interconnected cortex-m4 MCU (9 models)

168MHz MCU+FPU, Flash 512-3072KB, SRAM 192KB,

17 x Timer, 6 x UART, 3 x SPI, 3 x I2C, 2 x CAN, USB OTG HS/FS,

I2S, SDIO, Camera, 3 x ADC, 2 x DAC

GD32F403 series high performance basic cortex-m4 MCU (20 models)

168MHz MCU+FPU, Flash 256-3072KB, SRAM 64-128KB,

15 x Timer, 5 x UART, 3 x SPI, 2 x I2C, 2 x CAN, USB OTG FS,

I2S, SDIO, 3 x ADC, 2 x DAC

GD32 microcontroller family

At present, GD32 MCU family has more than 250 product models, 14 product series and 11 different packaging types. It is also the first arm in China ® Cortex ®- M3 and cortex ®- M4 core general MCU product series. It not only provides the widest cortex in the industry ®- M3 MCU selects and continues to launch cortex with leading technical advantages ®- M4 MCU products. All models are compatible with each other in terms of software and hardware pin packaging, and fully support various high, medium and low-end embedded applications and upgrades. Gd32 series general-purpose MCU, which integrates high performance, low cost and ease of use, adopts a number of patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights and provides assistance for the growing demand for diversified intelligent applications. The product has passed the long-term market test and has become the first choice for innovation in system design and project development.

Post time: May-21-2022